Director greeting

I’m Masatoshi Nakamura, the owner and director of this museum located here in Mobara City. I have been collecting old fishing reels from around the world since 1985 in my high school days. Now, I have been able to accumulate more than 1000 reels in the last 34 years. The majority of my fishing reel collection comes from Sweden, the US, and Japan. All the reels in my collection are in mint or near mint condition.

My main business is running a chain of restaurants. The meat comes from a pig farm and meat processing factory that my company also runs; so after visiting the museum, please come to my restaurant and try a variety of meats like ham, bacon, and sausage. This meat comes from the indigenous pigs of Japan, the “Agu”, which has a similar taste to the Iberian pig.

When you visit Mobara City, please enjoy these two unique experiences I have to offer you: fishing reels and pork.