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2000-2009 Phil White

How to find Reel Prices

 get a huge amount of email asking about specific reels and their value. I do not mind answering questions about grampa's reel that has become a family heirloom, or a mantle decoration. I am happy to help. However, I do get a bit tired of answering value questions for flea market dealers, or people who want to post a reel on eBay. I have found two reliable methods for securing the price of an old fishing reel, or even one that's not so old.

The most accurate method of securing a price for your reel (and it's free) is to search the reel on eBay Auction. You can search active auctions, where you won't learn the final sale price, but might learn something about your reel; or you can check the prices realized of the completed auctions. eBay's search is more complete in the active auctions because it will search both the title and text of the description (if you click on the search description checkbox). The completed auction search only checks the title of the item.

If you have a Pflueger Summit #1993L, you might first want to type in the complete description Pflueger Summit 1993 into the search. If you find that is too restrictive type in Pflueger Summit and see what happens. If you have a couple of Pflueger reels, just type in Pflueger reel  and you'll probably get 100 or more responses. It's fun to do, and you might learn something on your own - without having someone do your work for you.

Just follow this link: eBay Search

There is one other source of information about reel prices that is a valuable aid if you have many fishing reels, or plan to collect reels.  This is Stu Lawson's book, Lawson's Price Guide to Old Fishing Reels. It lists prices on over 11,000 fishing reels. (many are more than one listing for the same reel - there are not 11,000 reels listed). You can read an ad for this book and how to purchase it at this link. Lawson's Book.


Please don't email me for prices for your reels. Do a search on eBay first.

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